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Each Sunday this Advent, we will 'light' a digital Advent candle, shining a light on a new seasonal reflection.

For Christians worldwide, Advent is a time of reflection and peace, leading up to Christmas. Many Christians light candles on the Sundays of Advent, with each candle symbolising in turn hope, faith, joy, and peace.

This year, we'd like to offer an alternative symbolic meaning for each candle. We've chosen four themes that feature in all of our residential training programmes and across our work: Encounter, Engage, Restore, and Reimagine. We think of these themes as key points on the journey to reconciliation: encountering diverse others; engaging with our differences; restoring broken relationships; and reimagining a shared future together.

As we light a candle each week, we will publish a reflection on one of those themes. Make sure you keep a close eye on your email to see when a new candle gets lit!

Sunday 28 November

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Sunday 5 Dec (1)

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Sunday 5 Dec (2)

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Sunday 5 Dec (3)

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The Rose Castle Foundation is uniquely positioned to equip the world’s future leaders with the skills, tools, and habits of reconciliation. With your support, we can continue to work with those who will benefit from our training the most.
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