Give a major gift

Why give a major gift?

Your giving is personal. If you have the means, larger gifts really do make a huge difference according to the rule of multiplication. By making a major gift, you are becoming part of a highly valued group of donors whose support underpins all of our work: training tomorrow’s leaders, learning and innovating while we do it, and becoming an increasingly sustainable and impactful organisation as we bring the big idea of a more peaceful, flourishing world ever closer to reality.

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Benefits for major donors

We invite all major donors to journey with us as closely as you would like. While some prefer to remain anonymous, you are always welcome to visit a programme, project, or our office at Rose Castle to see first-hand the impact of your support. You will receive regular updates from our team on the work we are doing, as well as opportunities to connect with our Founding Director and trustees, and invitations to exclusive events. We value you not just for your financial support, but for all the gifts you bring to our mission - whether that’s your experience, strategic advice, creative skills, hobbies, or your unique character and personality. We are open to your ideas about how you could get more involved, or - true to our habit of hospitality - how you feel you could better receive, as well as give. What matters is that all who walk in our door as friends will remain always welcome.

How to give a major gift

  • You can choose to give anonymously, or to make a named gift.
  • You can choose to give your gift in honour of someone, or in memory of someone.
  • You can choose a gift with a specific purpose, or a general gift which you entrust us to place where it is needed most.

Give from the USA

Gifts are unrestricted to support The Rose Castle Foundation USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax number 88-4421491, that supports the mission of Rose Castle Foundation to build powerful relationships focused on peace or reconciliation. All donations to Rose Castle Foundation USA will receive a US Tax receipt.

Credit card

To give by credit card, go through CharityWeb’s online giving portal, here

Check or wire

To give by check or wire transfer, please click here - or write to our Development Manager, Joe Banfield, or any team member or trustee whom you know - who will supply you with the giving form and address. Joe’s email:

Give from the UK or anywhere else in the world

Bank transfer, standing order, or cheque

If you would like 100% of your donation to reach Rose Castle Foundation without supporting an online platform, please click here - or write to our Development Manager, Joe Banfield, or any team member or trustee whom you know - who will supply you with our bank details. If you’re an eligible UK taxpayer who would like to boost your gift by 25% through Gift Aid, complete our Gift Aid form here to ensure your gift is Gift Aid registered. Joe’s email:

Online by credit or debit card

To give online, go through GivenGain’s online giving portal, here. GivenGain gives you the option to cover the platform fee of 12.5%, ensuring 100% of your donation reaches Rose Castle Foundation, in turn supporting their platform (which is free for us to use and run by a charitable organisation).

Thank you!

However you choose to give, we are truly grateful. Your commitment to do good and invest in future generations is what will make the world a better place, and we thank you for making that choice.

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