Meet our peacemakers

Over 200 young leaders from across the world have now been trained in practical peace and reconciliation skills with the Rose Castle Foundation, dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities on return. Get to know the faces of reconciliation, and be inspired by their stories.

As a girl, Arwa imagined having ten children and changing the world. At the Emerging Peacemakers Forum, her life was changed forever.
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Zainudeen, a 16-year-old student from South West England, looks at how learning about reconciliation at a Rose Castle Foundation programme has recast his perspective on politics.

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Emerging Peacemaker Ayesha Khan used to skip school breaks to get extra tuition. Now she has a PhD - and some advice for people in her position.
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Reconciliation in action

Watch the video below to meet a group of young peacemakers from Christian and Muslim communities in the USA and UK