Download a sneak peak of 'The 12 Habits of a Reconciler'


We are delighted to share with you our 12 habits of a reconciler: a series of reflections and practices to help shape you as a reconciler.

These habits are a distillation of 'the Rose way', the bedrock of our approach to reconciliation. This series offers a taster of three fuller versions being written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim theologians and practitioners who are exploring and applying each one within their own tradition.

The habits are as follows:

Hospitality, Curiosity, Generosity
Empathy, Vulnerability, Humility
Lament, Forgiveness, Gratitude
Hope, Stewardship, Creativity

Let us know how you get on with rooting these habits within your own tradition and applying them to your context - your experiences will enrich for all of us the journey towards reconciliation.