Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a unique and transformative method of interfaith dialogue that improves understanding and relationships within and between faith traditions.

In SR, people of different faiths come together to read and reflect on their scriptures. Unlike some forms of inter-faith engagement, SR is not about seeking agreement, but rather exploring the texts and their possible interpretations across faith boundaries, and learning to ‘disagree better’. 

At RCF, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to experiencing SR. We also offer trainings to equip communities to deliver SR within their own contexts. We are experts in SR and our facilitators bring more than a decade of experience in facilitating its delivery across diverse demographics and contexts.

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What we offer

Introduction to Scriptural Reasoning-4

Interested in SR but don’t know where to start?

This offering is designed to introduce the practice to groups of individuals from different faith traditions through experiential learning. The session introduces the practise of SR and guidelines for participation before moving into an SR experience where we will explore texts from each scripture on a common theme.

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Ready to facilitate a group yourself?

This workshop equips participants with the necessary tools to confidently run SR themselves, covering how to create hospitable spaces for SR, guidelines for SR facilitator practice, and common problems in facilitating SR. You will participate in a ‘mock’ SR session including roleplay of different and challenging participants.

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with every participation, I gain new perspectives to the text and broaden my knowledge with possible interpretations of the passage, that I may have r-3

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Can you support our SR outreach?

There is no charge for our Introduction to SR session as RCF does not want to create a financial barrier to access.

However, as a non-for-profit organisation, our ability to offer these experiences relies entirely on generous donations.

We therefore kindly ask participants and organisations to consider contributing to RCF’s ongoing ability to deliver these sessions by donating online.

You can do this as an individual or as an organisation via our donation page here.

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