Our Values


At the heart of Rose Castle Foundation is ‘a culture of welcome that accepts each person as they are, humbly and with respect.’

Modelling deep to deep encounter across difference starts within our team, working as a diverse community that begins each day in shared reflection, drawing out the depths and differences of what each member brings into the space.

This shapes the programmes we run and determines the attitude with which we approach our partnerships, inspiring a global network of leaders that reflect the values we’re committed to living out each day:

Community: built on trust, personal relationships and genuine care where each member grows freely and holistically.

Humility: an openness and curiosity towards brave encounters and learning in equal measure from our weaknesses and strengths.

Risk-taking: a spirit of initiative and innovation that respects differences and invites collaboration.

Integrity: a commitment to practice habits of reconciliation in our own contexts and to model a sustainable approach to the environment.

Reflection: a mindful approach to the rhythms and grounding nature of prayer or daily reflection, which roots us to our distinctive beliefs and values.

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