What we do


We are growing a global network of reconcilers, connecting them through our bespoke platform and guiding them along The Rose Way, a methodology that equips them to be facilitators of mutual engagement across diverse faiths and communities. This methodology combines face-to-face programmes with online training and resources to help them grow as leaders in the field of reconciliation and peacebuilding. We also provide the wider world with key insights and opinion on sustainable peace and reconciliation practices, with a particular expertise in the role that faith-formed reconcilers have in sustaining global peace efforts.

Building on over 20 years of experience in the field, we have discovered that residential programmes are a vital tool for sustainable peace, cultivating hospitable relationships that aren’t threatened by difference, committed to work for peace even in the most challenging circumstances. Where residential opportunities aren't possible, we offer unique virtual experiences that enable groups to build trust across divides and reimagine their role as reconcilers in a shared future together.

How we work

We use a blend of hospitality-based residential programmes, best-in-class online resources and peer-to-peer education to train our network in The Rose Way. A long-term methodology focused on formation of reconcilers, the Rose Way has been developed by leading experts in the field, designed to guide and grow grassroot religious actors, particularly those of Abrahamic faith, into becoming positive forces of change.

The Rose Way is founded on the concept of 'deep-to-deep' engagement. Drawn from the practice of scriptural reasoning, deep-to-deep engagement is about welcoming everyone to bring the full depth or their identity and tradition into a shared space. People with irreconcilable differences sit side by side. The aim is not to change each other's minds. The aim is to show each other hospitality, cultivate the skills of active listening and disagreeing well, and to build long-lasting relationships across divides.

Who our work is for

Because we are committed to mutual engagement across differences, we work with a diverse range of people and institutions. We have chosen to maximise our impact by primarily focusing on working with those from diverse Abrahamic communities - who together form 55% of the world’s population. That is to say, those people who are active within their faith communities and who see their Abrahamic faith as the core lens through which they view the world. When working with those from different traditions and worldviews, we offer to bring an Abrahamic dimension into that relationship.

We've worked with...

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Why we do it

Put simply, we are called to it. We believe that people of faith are vital agents to enact real and lasting peace and reconciliation in the world. Our years in the field, fine-tuning of the most effective methodologies, and deep engagement with our own Abrahamic faiths puts us in a privileged position to be able to offer authentic and effective support to those who strive for a more peaceful and inclusive world.


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