Scriptural Reasoning Online

Meet others across different faith traditions as we engage with texts from the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Qur'an on the theme of our Habit of the month.


Join us on the second Wednesday of each month from 5-7pm GMT for Scriptural Reasoning online.

Drawn from the 12 Habits of a Reconciler, each month we will be convening as an online community to dig deeper into the Habit of the Month by immersing ourselves in each others' scriptures through hospitable and curious dialogue. It promises to be a rich, faith-filled time of mutual sharing and exploration.

You can find out more about the practice of Scriptural Reasoning here.

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How to Join

Scriptural Reasoning online is made possible by our very own private digital platform - the Rose Reconciler Hub - which brings together our global community of reconcilers.

Joining us for SR will therefore also grant you access to our digital community of reconcilers, providing the opportunity to engage in conversation and benefit from shared learning with reconcilers of different faiths worldwide.

1. Join the Hub


3. Zoom

First ensure you have joined our digital community - the Rose Reconciler Hub.

Once a member of the Rose Reconciler Hub, navigate to the Events section and RSVP to our SR events.

On the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5pm GMT, log into the Hub, find the SR event, and click on the words "Zoom meeting/link" to join the Zoom.

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We look forwards to engaging in SR with you!

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