Ecologies of Wisdom

Ecologies of Wisdom is a landmark publication in which the theological roots of Rose Castle Foundation's 'deep-to-deep' approach to dialogue and engagement are modelled.

Ecologies of Wisdom: Christian and Muslim Horizons, brings together Professor David Ford’s 2009 Muscat Manifesto, with the 2010 response, Growing Ecologies of Peace, Compassion and Blessing, by Dr Aref Ali Nayed.

Professor Ford is Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, and Co-Chair of RCF. Dr Nayed is the Founder and Chairman of KRM and a Senior Advisor to CIP.

The impetus for this landmark volume came in recognition of the CIP anniversary celebration on 5th-6th September 2022, hosted by Professor Esra Özyürek (the Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths and Shared Values and CIP’s Academic Director), who contributes the publication's foreword.

The volume is available to download as a PDF for free.


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