Reflecting together on sacred texts

Scriptural Reasoning is a fresh approach to modern day inter-faith dialogue which puts scripture at the heart of the conversation...

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a unique and transformative method of interfaith dialogue that improves understanding and relationships within and between faith traditions.

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In SR, people of different faiths come together to read and reflect on their scriptures.  Unlike some forms of inter-faith engagement, it is not about seeking agreement but rather exploring the texts and their possible interpretations across faith boundaries, and learning to ‘disagree better’.

The result is often a deeper understanding of others' and one’s own scriptures, as well as the growth of strong bonds across faith communities. SR is now practiced globally, including in places affected by religion-related tensions and conflict.

"Scriptural Reasoning is a genuine opportunity for committed religious people to engage in inter-faith practice without undermining particularity: here is a way to deepen one’s own faith commitment and deepen one’s engagement with members of other faiths simultaneously."


Interested in SR?

We are working on bringing our full range of Scriptural Reasoning resources onto this website.

In the meantime, you can find text packs, guidelines, reading lists, and other information and resources on the official SR website here.

**KINDLY NOTE: The SR website is temporarily down and we are working hard to re-publish everything here - come back soon for text packs and more!

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We are mapping SR groups around the world so that we can keep you updated with the latest SR resources, and help people who get in touch with us join a group nearby. So if you're part of an SR group in any way, we'd love to hear about it!