The Rose Way

An approach to building a more sustainable peace in some of the world’s most divided societies

We work with emerging leaders who are motivated by their faith and moving into positions of influence across societal divides.

We equip them to lead through change, chaos and conflict, not just today but for the long term. They learn with those on the other side of their divides, re-humanising those they no longer see or hear, and working towards a more peaceful future where both sides flourish – one in which their differences still matter. 

This is something we call ‘deep-to-deep’ encounter. In a carefully facilitated space, in which nobody is asked to leave their faith or ideology at the door, searching questions can be explored because it feels natural and safe to do so. This depth of interaction draws out vital common ground, but, more importantly, allows space to understand our differences. Instead of seeking shallow agreement, it enables a better quality of disagreement.

This focus on difference as well as common ground, with space to explore and articulate our faith or ideological motivations, makes the Rose Way unique. Our programmes bring this approach to life, with an enduring package of support that leaders can draw on as they become key decision makers across challenging divides. 


Read our brochure.

This 12-page online PDF brochure explains The Rose Way - what it is, how it works, and how it might work for you.

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